With Collector’s Edition items available in the Beta – we can now see what the turtle mount looks like!


Beta 6 patch notes

The 6th Beta event starts today, and last night the patch notes were released. See the full notes – here

* Extra icons for the Ascended Courage buff are being applied to players in Warfronts, including those not under the actual effects of the buff. THESE EXTRA ICONS HAVE NO GAMEPLAY EFFECT!

=== FEATURED ===
* Brand new system: Ancient Wardstones. See under the heading ANCIENT WARDSTONES for more detail.
* Many, many soul changes based on the latest rounds of your testing. Specifics are below under COMBAT and individual SOULS. Note that this means you were probably given a free respec; check your Soul spec before combat!
* Racial Ability updates; see below under their own special section!
* Several Rift consumables have become part of the ASCENDED POWERS system. This, too, has a details section below.
* Added Ascended Courage to Warfronts. See the WARFRONTS section.
* We are testing the delivery of preorder and Collector’s Edition rewards which means you will be able to see these in Beta 6! This will not count against your launch/head start rewards.
* Master Looting has been implemented!

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Class and role

So with Beta 6 around the corner and the release date moving closer and closer, one of the burning questions everyone is asking is “which class/ role will be your “main”? at release”

Rift has a few more options than most other MMOs, so I thought that a poll would be fun. This poll is intended to just reflect which role you would like to start off with, or, which you are most interested in to start off with. Rift’s Soul System is unique and you get your first 3 souls early on, which you can combine in different ways to create a role. Obviously by level 50 you will have all the souls for your class and will be able to afford the 4 “slots” and will be able to switch them up whenever you like 🙂


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So with much excitement the 6th Beta event is launching tomorrow.

Zann from the Rift Forums announced it here… and, like many others, I still haven’t received my invitation 😦 Never fear though – apparently the invitations are going out a little slower than usual and we should still get them in time for the launch of the 6th Beta event.

Edit: Zann has made an update – it’s good news for those of us still waiting for our invitations!

Make sure to have your launcher updated – I know I’d hate to get my invitation and then be stuck downloading patches and updates!

And news for the day:

If you play Team Fortress 2 and have pre-ordered Rift, you may want to check this out. Valve and Trion have teamed up to make you happy! Exclusive TF2 items for the Scout and Pyro, and if you complete the new “Riftwalker” achievement in TF2 you will receive a sweet in-game item for Rift.

So, everyone loves to see what armor they can look forward to as they level up. Zaewen from the Rift Forums made this post where she gathered as much information on the currently available armor sets as she could. I was given kind permission to re-post them here. Thanks!

Her post contains links to bigger images and some more information!

Vendor Armor Sets



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News: February 2nd

While we wait for the 6th Beta event to start on Friday, I decided to catch up on all the latest news there is:

  • Massively have a interesting article on why they think Rift will do well entitled “Enter at Your Own Rift: Creature comforts” – read more on that here
  • PC Gamer have a good review on Rift which can be found here
  • Zam have a Rift Lore 101: The Mathosian War Chronicles article which you can browse and cure some riftdrawals here 😉
  • This week’s Rift podcast is out – you can listen to it here

And the latest video Rift – Planes of Telara, Cinematic Trailer

The 5th Beta Event went really well, apart from a minor hiccup with the servers at launch – nothing too surprising seeing as the number of people included in the event quadrupled compared the to 4th event.  The Dev team handled it in a way I have come to expect and appreciate, they kept everyone updated, a patch was released and everyone flooded in.

I didn’t take as many screencaps as I wish I had though. Before the event I had spent a fair amount of time playing with the Zam Soul Planner and I had decided on a Riftstalker/ Bladedancer/ Bard build. I love the idea of being a proper rogue tank. I chose Defiant as I normally play the “darker” side in MMOs.

I wish I had spent more time chronicling my adventures, but I was far too busy working out how this new world worked. I played with the UI customisation – which is really impressive, I took part in Rift Invasions, I did the soul quests, I bought a mount, I did a dungeon, I had a look at the gathering and crafting skills and I played around with collection as well as the Auction House – phew!

Here are a few screencaps from it – for Beta 6 I promise there will be more organisation and I will go through all the aspects of the game in detail!

The Defiant starting room

I did remember to try out the /dance commands lol

And not a bad looking dungeon considering it’s the very first one on the Defiant side!